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Bathroom Vanaties

Bathroom vanaties are a great way to add functionality and style to a small bathroom. These multi-functional units can come in an endless variety of styles and finishes. Besides contributing to the functionality of a room, vanaties also act as a decorative anchor in the design. Updating the existing vanity in your bathroom is a great way to update the look and feel of the space. Adding a freestanding cabinet can also provide much-needed storage and improve the value of your home.

You can choose from different types of bathroom vanaties depending on the size of your bathroom. You can also go for pedestal sinks or tall cabinets. A pedestal sink will fit well in a smaller bathroom with little traffic. The vanity top should be approximately 1″ wider than the base of the cabinet. You can also choose a wall-mounted or free-standing vanity. Freestanding vanaties are perfect for smaller bathrooms and do not take up much space, but can look cheap in a large bathroom.

You can also choose a narrow vanity if your bathroom is small and has limited space. You can get a vanity that is 15 inches wide but still provides ample storage. You can also choose the length of your countertop, which depends on the size of the room you’re decorating. Some decorators prefer a countertop that extends from the wall to the floor. You can also opt for a long-shelf vanity if you have a large enough bathroom.

Post Author: Benjamin Thomas


September 2023